Event Planner
An MVP for an event planning app that allows users the means to create high-quality, personalized events
Feb 2021 - Apr 2021
UX Designer

Initial conversations


The client had a an idea of how they wanted the app to function and the features they wanted to include, but they needed someone to help create the flow and structure of the app. They also wanted to have this completed in about 3 weeks to begin testing and gathering feedback.


The client was focused on seeing a visual concept of the app from the start. However, the target user was undefined and there was no existing data to work with. The strategy I proposed consisted of the following objectives: 

Feature exploration


The clients feature priorities consisted of: sign up, events, checklist, invitations, and guest list,
I began creating use cases to help break down the requirements of the features. I considered them in terms of the steps that may be involved and the end goals in accomplishing the tasks related to planning an event.

Task analysis of client features including: Sign Up, Login, Create Event, Checklist

I wanted the client to view how I was envisioning the flow of this app by creating user flows. Having the conversation with the client of the actions and decisions that users would encounter in planning an event allowed for a mutual understanding of what the MVP would consist of.

Final draft of the user flows including: Login, Host Sign Up, Create Event, Add Checklist, Guest List, and Invitations

Ideation & Design


Based on the flow, I began bringing out my ideas by thinking of the following:

  • What would a first time user see and how would they go about creating their first event?
  • What would an existing user see and how would they manage their existing events?
Initial sketches of creating an event

I prepared my wireframes as wireflows to help present my design solution to the client.
By setting up the interactive elements, the client had a strong understanding of how the flow of this MVP would function and of the structure of the app.

Wireframes for creating an event
Wireframes for adding/removing guests
Wireframes for creating a checklist
Wireframes for sending an invitation

Begin qualitative user testing to identify flaws in the design and revise based on user and client feedback.

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