Rainbow Animal Shelter
August 2019
A website was designed for Rainbow Animal Shelter to generate more traffic to increase the shelter's adoption rate.
The shelter was experiencing an intake increase of homeless pets with not enough space for the additional pets.
To accomplish this, I took the project from research to hi-fidelity prototype.
To design a website with the goal of increasing adoption rates, I needed to identify my target audience and discover what factors they considered when deciding to adopt.



To understand how people make decisions in adopting a pet, I set the following objectives for the purpose of this survey:

• Capture responses from my target audience
• Analyze the results to identify needs
• Determine the necessary content based on similar needs

The target audience needed to have the following attributes:

For a full view of the survey I used, follow this link:

Rainbow Animal Shelter Survey
  • Interest in adopting a pet
  • Ages 24-35
  • Single or in a relationship

Research Synthesis

The persona was created by doing a thematic analysis of the results from the survey.
Jessica, an animal lover, would love to have another pet, but her first pet was a rescue so she doesn't know what the adoption process is like, or how much it will cost!
She wants to learn about the pets and have a connection with the one she chooses.

Journey Map

A journey map was used to view the process of adopting in phases with a focus on: 

• Goals
• Thoughts and feelings related to the goal
• Opportunities to help Jessica reach that goal



With the needs of Jessica identified, I began sketching how that might be organzied.
Those needs were: 

• Information regarding the the adoption
• Costs associated with adopting and what is all included
• Quality of the shelter
• Available pets and summary of each pet

Once I finished, I reviewed my sketches while asking myself: 

• What is the purpose of this?
• Would this be clear and easy to navigate?
• Would all the necessary content be available?
• How can I simplify this?


I created a wireframe to clearly view the structure of the proposed website design.
With Jessica being a first time adopter, special attention was given to the navigation layout and content structure.


A moodboard was used for inspiration to my color palette.

Next, I focused on selecting a typeface that would be extremely legible for the main body text. This was important as Jessica needs to be able to read through any material without difficulty.
Images were gathered from Unsplash and are not my own
After completing the prototype, I sought feedback to gain insight into the effectiveness of the design.
I realized that my icons were not consistent in their design and revised the prototype to make sure that consistency was there as well as the positioning of my buttons, or CTA's.

Click on the link to view the prototype:

Rainbow Animal Shelter Prototype


Throughout the project, I could've used more frequent feedback to have a better gauge at the effectiveness of this design. I would like to conduct a usability test to determine how effective this design is for someone like Jessica. I wonder if the navigation is easy, and if the content is what and where they expected it to be.
Helping pets find a home, is a passion I will never be done with.
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